Land of the Free, Home of the Bruins

Anne King, Journalist

Virginia is one of the biggest military areas in the U.S. Many students in this area have one or more military family members.

“I didn’t like it when I was a kid,” said  sophomore Marayna White, “’cause of the distance.”

Though some families don’t have to, many families have had to move from place to place for multiple years.  Freshman Macayla Harris has lived in Pennsylvania and Germany. While White has lived in Connecticut. Family members being deployed for extended amounts of time have also been a struggle for many students.

Anne King
Ariauna Hullet
Anne King
Marayna White
Hayley Keith
Macayla Harris

“We’ve been really lucky with getting positioned in the same area.” said  sophomore Ariauna Hullet, “I’ve lived here my whole life.”

While the students may not be thrilled with everything that being a military kid entails, they still said that they where proud of their parents.

“The moving, ” said Harris “that’s always hard.”

Hullet’s father has been in the Navy for 19 years and is a Nuclear Machinist Mate (NMM1). White’s father has been in the military for around 20 years and is currently deployed in San Diego, California. Harris’s father is active duty in the Army and has been in the military for 18 years.

While most military families find that moving  is the hardest part, both White and Harris  said “you get used to it.”