The Return of the Homecoming Dance


Hayley Keith , Journalist


Barbara Bohls is the PTSA President and played a huge role in persuading the administration to allow a Homecoming Dance, after years of its absence. “It’s the fact that there hasn’t been one in ten years,” said Ms. Bohls.

Ms. Bohls is thrilled about upcoming events the PTSA is organizing. “We’re hoping to install a few new programs like a military sponsor buddy for new students so they [have] somebody built-in at the school and a few other fun events that I can’t get into yet.”

Ms.Bohls hinted that there are some exciting events in the works.

Samantha Sosa, a senior, was thrilled about a homecoming dance. “I actually feel pretty good about it, because I mean at my old school we used to have homecoming dances and it was a lot of fun,” said Sosa.

Hayley Keith
Elena Lancaster

Steven Ritchie, a sophomore, was pretty shocked when discovering the news of the dance. “Honestly, I didn’t think they were gonna do it and when I heard about it in late September I was like stoked,” said Ritchie, “cause I’ve heard a lot of things about the way they did it before and it was apparently a lot of fun.”

Hannah Austin, a sophomore, shared the excitement in hearing about the dance. “When I found out about it, it was the summer and I was in Ohio and somebody posted a picture of the like prototype flyer or whatever on their Snapchat story and I was like, ‘yeah, this can’t be real.’ And then we got to school and it was real,” said Austin.

“I feel like it’s a really good thing, I know it’s been about ten or fifteen years, so I’ve heard.” said, a sophomore, Alicyn Stevens.

Elena Lancaster, a sophomore, was determined to get this dance back in action. “Having the dance is important because its a great way to show school spirit and have fun with your friends outside of school,”Lancaster.

“This year we had 591 students attend,” Ms. Bohls. “Which is amazing considering no one really knew what to expect.”