Take on the World

Anne King, Journalist

Each year, the seniors graduate and are let out into the world with the expectation that they know what they are doing. Of course it’s hard to know what to do when they have only ever been in a school setting; however, some seniors have big plans.

When asked what the hardest thing about leaving high school was, senior Emily hunter stated that “leaving the familiarity” would be the hardest part.

While some students are nervous about what their life after high school will be like, some students are ready to leave.

“I feel like all the stuff we learn is repetitive,” said senior Tiyanna Brownridge, “but some classes helped me.”

Brownridge has stated that she would like to attend  Tidewater Community College (TCC) for two years then transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). While majoring in Biology or Pre-Veterinary medicine.

“I know I want to go into the medical field,” said Brownridge, implying that she did not know if she wanted to work with people or animals, but she is leaning towards veterinary medicine.

Brownridge is not the only student that would like to attend TCC. Hunter has stated that she wants to start her college career at TCC, then transfer to another college. Hunter’s plan is to study history then become a history professor.

“Teachers will help you go into the right direction,” said senior Zachary Reed, “if you give them a chance.”

Of course going out into the world would be very hard without hard work in high school. “Focus on your grades,” said Reed, “grades will get you way farther than you think.” Reed also stated that he hopes to attend  Virginia Military Institute (VMI) or VCU and study something in the realm of marketing.

Anne King
Zachary Reed
Anne King
Tiyanna Brownridge
Anne King
Emily Hunter

While many student will attend college many will not and will go straight into the work force. Many students also hope to travel out of Virginia after either high school or college. Hunter expressed the she would really like to move to Europe.

“I’ll probably like move further down south like Georgia,” said Brownridge.

Most seniors could agree that grades are important and that they will help students a lot in furthering their education. While not all students will go to college, getting good grades in high school will make sure that they are ready to leave and be successful in their adult life.

“Enjoy it, but also focus on your grades,” said Hunter, “because they do matter.”