Music Muse


Gracen Luallin, Journalist

The music department is one of the biggest departments in the school. Out of the whole student body, 10% of the students are in the orchestra. This would not be possible without the orchestra teacher, Mr. Glasco. 

Mr. Glasco has been teaching for thirty three years, and has been at Western Branch for thirty one. He plays the violin and also enjoys playing the piano. 

“The violin is my favorite instrument because it’s one I connect to,” said Glasco, “but I also really like the pipe organ, guitar, and of course, I’m also a closet piano player.”

Since he plays his instrument all day, one would think that it is his favorite part of the job. However, his favorite part is something that would not surprise most people. 

“Working with the kids, hands down,” Glasco said, “working with these personalities is definitely the best part.”

Glasco did not get where he is now overnight; it took hard work and dedication to get to the skill level he is now. 

Glasco has been playing his instrument for forty five years. In high school, he played the violin and piano, then switched to the viola in college. “I just didn’t like the viola parts,” Glasco said. Now he is back on the violin. 

In high school, it was very competitive for Glasco. Everyone wanted the top spot, and only one person could have it. 

“There were so many rules and if you didn’t take private lessons you couldn’t be in it,” Glasco said, “we had to audition to get back into the orchestra every year. You were out or in and that’s it.”

Glasco was almost like a teacher in his high school orchestra, he told his group what to do and when to do it. That leadership is what sparked his desire to teach.

“Yes, I have always wanted to be a teacher,” Glasco said, “in high school, I had to help a group that was just kind of lazy, and no one knew what to do, so I said ‘well why don’t we try this’ and all of the sudden it became my group.”