Andrianna Scott, Journalist

Jordan Lundy is a senior and has her own business beauty by She  had been wanting to start her own business for two years (since her tenth grade year). She took her business online in March 2018.

Lundy says this doesn’t affect her free time, but “it’s just busy between school, work , and sports.” Lundy plays basketball for WBHS. 

Lundy says, “I wanted to start my own side hustle and hopefully make it bigger soon.”

Lundy likes to go shopping in her off time. Lundy says, “ I have been doing nails since eleventh grade year.”

Lundy took a nail class at Chesapeake Career Center (CCC) last year. 

Lundy said, she took the nail class because, “ I just wanted something to take at first, but then I started to like it.”

Lundy says, “ I feel like it would be one of my careers,” said Lundy, “but I want to major in business marketing.”

Lundy wants to study Business Marketing. She wants to learn more about business and, eventually,  have multiple shops. 

Lundy plans on having one shop to start with but at least four in the future. Lundy says she would like her shops to be in all the surrounding cities, “ I would like to start in Virginia but I eventually want to move.” 

When Lundy gets big she wants to move to Atlanta, GA. Lundy wants to move to Atlanta because, “That’s where most big time people are,” and she is determined to be “big time.”