Quick call the Doctor – the Earth is Dying!

The effects of climate change


Punta Cana beach located in the Dominican Republic is covered in trash. This picture was taken by Dustan Woodhouse. Credit: Unsplash.com

Hayley Keith, Journalist

 The Amazon Forest is on fire, our oceans are contaminated with plastic, wild animals are near extinction, toxic fumes from factories and cars are polluting the oxygen we breathe.

  The World Wildlife Fund is a non-governmental organization that is helping the planet. They are working to make policies that fight climate change.  The WWF is also challenging cities to get ready for worsening weather. 

“The burning of tons and tons of fossil fuels,” Mr. Daniels, an Earth Science teacher, said is one of the leading causes of global warming and pollution. “Burning anything that use to be alive, like fossil fuels, will release carbon dioxide as a byproduct,” Mr. Daniels said, “so, every gasoline or diesel-fuel vehicle, factory and power plant that is burning fossil fuels is contributing to the problem.”

When it comes to the amount of attention that the media gives to this growing catastrophe, Mr. Daniels thinks the media only spends time on it after it causes a major problem and not when it can be prevented.

“As the Earth warms, the oceans will rise so there will be far less land to live on and yet more people than there are today,” Mr. Daniels said, “that will make world hunger more common as there will be less [fewer] places to grow crops.”  

 Mr. Daniels believes the future will look this way if things are left as is. “If it gets really extreme, it could get warm enough that the methane hydrate found in ocean sediments on the seafloor could begin to release which causes the Earth to become even hotter because methane is a stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide is,” Daniels said.

According to National Geographic “the planet is warming, from North pole to South pole the global average surface temperature has increased by more than 1.6 degrees.” This has a huge effect on our planet.  “The heat is melting glaciers and sea ice, shifting precipitation patterns, and setting animals on the move,” (Source: National Geographic)

    Greta Thunberg, a seventeen-year-old climate change activist, has been known for her speeches that show her strong determination to bring the world together to help prevent climate change. In December of 2019, she was nominated by Time magazine for “person of the year”. Her passion to bring attention to this growing problem started when she was fifteen. She started “Fridays for Future” where she would skip school on Friday to protest outside the Swedish Parliament (Source: Biography).

Mr.Daniels says small changes could help prevent any more damage being done to our planet. “Switching away from using fossil fuels and using nothing but renewable resources like solar, wind, hydroelectric, and others,” said Daniels. “The problem is burning anything that releases carbon dioxide.”