Be a Bruin and Get Your Gear!


Ashley Harris, Journalist

The Bruin Exchange is ran by Mrs. Caffee, along with the help of Mr. Lytle. According to Mrs. Caffee, the Bruin Store sells, “lots of spirit wear, t-shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, hats.” Mrs. Caffee went on, ”we also have school supplies, mementos, senior class t-shirts, and might have holiday treat bags.”

But of course, the items sold have to come from somewhere. “We have a couple of different vendors,” Mrs. Caffee said, “I have a company called “College House” a company called, ”ManKind”, “Total Sportswear Solutions”, and  “Dos Screen Printers”.”

There are also students who help run the Bruin store. The students who help with the Bruin Exchange all have different jobs that help make the store run as smoothly as possible. “ The students that are in the class are learning jobs that can help them in a work environment outside the school, and we focus on jobs that would help them in their future,”  Mrs. Caffee stated. “We have students working the cash register, stocking, folding, inventory, display, cleaning, and customer service.”

Each students each has to work very hard at their job to help and keep the Bruin Store running well. Everyone who helps out with the store has an important part to play.

One of the students who works at the Bruin store, Ashton McCormick. McCormick stated that he helps to fold the clothes, as well as, answer the phone and help with stocking the merchandise.

Mrs. Caffee also believes that the Bruin Exchange has evolved over the years. Mrs. Caffee said, “the interior, we’ve spent some of our profits on the fixtures in the store, like the display cases, the slab walls, and making it more of a store that people can walk into.” 

The Bruin Exchange is open every day in the morning, as well as during all lunches. There is also a cart run by students that sells products from the Bruin Exchange during lunches, that is available in and around the cafeteria.