Restorative Justice


Andrianna Scott, Journalist

Students getting suspended can cause a ripple effect for the student and the community.

“When students come back to school, I make sure I talk to them and tell them to make up their work,” said assistant principal, Mr. Grady. Mr. Grady explained that one of his jobs is to work with both students and teachers to limit the number of referrals written and the number of days a student is out of school.

“We try to get the teachers to understand to not write students up for disrupting class or [classroom] violations,” said Grady.

Instead of writing a referral, Mr.Grady explained some alternate options for students discipline. “Students could write a short letter, have a no talking lunch, talk to students in the hallway, call parents, have conference.”

The rate of students who receive OSS has changed “It has dropped this year,” Said Grady. Students aren’t really getting punished unless its fighting, weapons, drugs, or vaping are involved.

Our acronym R.A.I.S.E is built around Restorative of Justice “ It is if the students practice the concept of R.A.I.S.E, we could be better as a school.” Said Grady.