Student 2 Student Club


Andrianna Scott, Journalist


Student to Student (S2S) was brought to Western Branch to make new children feel welcome in our school. “S2S is a national organization that assess military and other transitional students,” said Mrs. Stoddard, the sponsor of S2S program.

 The S2S has been at Western Branch High since 2014. The purpose of this club is “to help students get comfortable at Western Branch,” said Stoddard, “we are very excited to get new students and make them feel as if their at they’re home school.”

S2S has sixteen members. They have several events including “Spook your boo.” This event is in October; you send a piece of candy and a note to anyone you please. Another activity is the monthly distribution to new students every month. This event is when new students come and the S2S members and leaders send notes and a piece of candy to the students. They also have a “Purple-up Day” for military students and “work with Mrs.Lee on the Veteran’s assembly,” said Mrs.Vega, the co-sponsor of S2S.

They also have a student president, Jailyn Riddick, who’s a senior. “She was in it last year,” said Mrs.Vega. She’s the leader because she’s “very reliable, mature, and a go-getter.”