From a Trucker to a Bruin


Sydney Boone, Journalist


The art department welcomed Mrs. Boldt this fall. Mrs. Boldt was born January 18th. She graduated from Churchland High School. 

She has been interested in art since she was a little kid. “ My family is pretty artistic as well,” Boldt said. She felt like she had some potential in it. Mrs. Boldt went to Longwood University where she majored in art education. She also has a minor in psychology as well. 

At Longwood University,Mrs. Boldt met Mrs. Wentz who is also a part of the art department. She is actually the one who encouraged Mrs. Boldt to take the job here. Boldt has always wanted to teach high school so this was the perfect opportunity. 

So far, Mrs. Boldt loves it here, she enjoys the staff and the students so much. Her favorite art activities include painting, water coloring (which is her favorite), and drawing. 

During her free time, Mrs. Boldt enjoys spending quality time with her two dogs,  two cats, her husband. She also enjoys shopping and decorating. 

 She met her husband in high school and they have been together ever since. Mrs. Boldt said, “he use to throw paper at me to get my attention.”