Bruin Football


Sydney Boone, Journalist


    Samori Abdullah is a wide receiver on our Varsity football team. A wide receiver is a player that plays on offense and runs routes to catch the ball from the quarterback. 

       He has been on the team since the off season. Recently however, he injured his tibia plateau and tore his meniscus.  “I felt like my life was over because I started to love the game of football,” stated Abdullah, “and I have seen where I could go with the game of football because I’m naturally talented, and it was a gift I had.” 

       He did not need surgery for his injuries, but it was a three month recovery, and took him out for the rest of the season.

     Recently, things are looking up for him. He attends physical therapy twice a week and has been applying to different colleges. He plans on playing football in college and will attend college camps to work out in front of the scouts. 

      Even with his absence, Samori stated that the team had a good season. He got through the season by keeping his head up and never giving up.