Dress to Suppress


Julie Stephens, Journalist

Courtney Carlson
Hunter Snider
Isabelle Bailey

The dress code has always been a source of conflict. Students think it should be more relaxed, while parents and teachers think it should be conservative.

Students are not allowed to wear numerous amount of clothing that they feel like they should be able to. Females are not allowed to wear leggings or spandex as pants, spaghetti strap tank tops, tights, shorts or skirts three inches above the knee, shirts that show your shoulders and do not cover your entire upper body. 

“I don’t really see what’s wrong leggings, if guys look it’s their fault,” sophomore Hannah Whitemore said.

I think that body size has a lot to do with girls getting dress coded. Girls who have a smaller body size usually do not get dress coded as often as those with curves. 

The boys are not allowed to wear muscle shirts, bandannas, head-bands, or any other headpieces unless it is for religious reasons. I do not think that it is fair that girls are allowed to wear headpieces and boys are not. Also the list of banned clothing for girls is much longer than the list for boys.

“I think that the dress code should be equal for everybody,” said senior Zareya Black.

According to the WBHS handbook, males and females are not allowed to wear anything that advertises weapons, violence, drugs or alcohol, any gang affiliation or clothing that insults somebody’s race, gender, creed, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or their intellectual ability, clothes that you sleep in, any shirt that shows too much skin, baseball caps, sunglasses, and all other head pieces, revealing holes, rips or tears that disrupt the learning environment, chains, collars or bracelets with spikes, and pants that hang below the waist and show undergarments.

I do not think that it is fair that students can not wear head pieces or clothing that has holes in them. The dress code should be equal for everyone, and I think it needs to be updated.

I think that females should be able to wear form fitting clothing, the length of shorts and skirts should be fingertip length, and shirts that show our shoulder. Males should be able to wear headpieces and muscle shirts. Everybody should be able to wear sleep clothing, hats, chains, and holes in jeans that follow the fingertip length rule.