Leaving Your Mark


Mark Ragsdale with wife, Elizabeth Ragsdale

Ashley Harris, Journalist

Mark Ragsdale is an alumni who graduated in 1994. “I was in the Chorus with Mr. Price,” Ragsdale said about his sophomore year. In his junior year, he was in Varsity Chorus, Ragsdale said,“I was in the District chorus.”

Ragsdale was a part of the school before the block scheduling was in place, which came into affect his senior year. “I feel like block scheduling takes away from the music and art classes for students,” Ragsdale said, “I was also a part of the school before there was an upstairs added.”

Ragsdale noted that he has always enjoyed giving back to the community. About life after graduation, he said, “I would help with the stocks for the baseball team.” He is also very active in the community of Western Branch.

The school helped him in life after high school as well. Ragsdale said, “the school taught me how to be responsible and taught me how to be a better person for the community.”

Mark Ragsdale, Class of ‘94

Ragsdale applies the skills that the school has taught him now at his current job. He said, “currently, I am working for the Department of Defense.”

He is very committed to helping the Western Branch community. Ragsdale said, “the Western Branch community is a very good community to work with. I try to reach out any way I can.”

He does a lot for the community, and for the school, not only while he attended, but also after he graduated. 

“The Western Branch community is like a family to me,” Ragsdale stated.