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Play Me In Five

Imoni Gainey, Journalist

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In 1983 the first truly mobile phone arrived on the market (Source: The Art Institutes). Since then, cell phones have become more than a tool used to talk to someone you can surf the web, watch shows and play games.

Phone companies have even established a game system inside the text messaging application. They made up new games and put in classic games.

Darts, Archery, Battleship, Cup Pong, 8 Ball, and etc. were some of the games they put in the messages. “My favorite Imessage game would have to be crazy 8’s, because it’s a game that you can play in a group chat,” freshman Stephany Dickerson stated.

“I just send the game I want to play to all my friends and they usually play me back,”  said freshman A’yannah Halsey. She finds it as a easy way to connect with friends.“This dude AJ sucks in 8 ball I promise you. I win all the time when I go against him,” stated freshman Jayden Darden. 

 You can play with random people, too. “ I just post Imessage games with a question mark and if someone slides up then I send them my number or they send me theirs,” stated an anonymous student. 

Samahira Mclintyre (sophomore) photo by Anne King

Aniyah Wilkerson (senior) & Jakayla Byrd (senior) photo by Anne King

Tyler Albies (senior) photo by Anne King

“I’d go with Cup Pong because that’s the only game I’m good at,” stated freshman  Arianna Castillo . “Twenty-one questions is my favorite game because it helps me get to know people better,” stated freshman A’yannah Halsey.

You also get crowns for the game you win. The crowns signify how many games you’ve won. “ I have six crowns on 8-ball that’s how bad I am,” Imani Greene said.