Ofrendas to the Deceased


Alani Sori, Journalist

Dia de los Muertos is the day of the dead. It is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. November 1st is to remember deceased children and November 2nd is to remember deceased adults. Ms.Rodriguez and her spanish students celebrated Day of the Dead on November 1st with a fiesta.

          “Mexico traditionally celebrates the day of the dead but there are other spanish speaking countries that celebrates it as well,” said Rodriguez. “It is celebrated because they believe death is just the beginning,” said Rylie Wollerton. Justyn Johnson, a sophomore, said, “they embrace it.”

         They did activities such as coloring skulls and ofrendas, which means altars, and they created their own ofrendas with a memory of their deceased loved ones. They also watched a documentary about the Day of the Dead.

           There is a big carnival hosted in Mexico. It lasts from two to three days.“The whole country comes the view the fiesta,” said Jayla Coco, a sophomore who takes pride in her Spanish heritage.           

             “Altars are very important for Day of the Dead,” said Coco. Candles, pictures, traditional foods and many other things are placed on the altars. Candles are used to light the paths of the spirits.

             “Marigolds are flowers that have an incense scent that is used to send prayers up,” said Justyn Johnson, a sophomore in Ms. Rodriguez’s class. Dia de los Muertos has been around for centuries and will forever be a tradition in some Spanish-speaking countries.