Cheering on the truth


Alani Sori, Journalist

 Stereotypes are an over-generalized belief about a particular category of people. For years, there have been numerous stereotypes placed on cheerleaders. Today, cheerleaders are proving that stereotypes can be broken.

              “Cheerleaders are dumb” is a false stereotype that you may have heard. Sophomore cheer captain, Sydnei Prado, strongly disagrees. Sydnei said, “the majority of the girls are actually in advanced or AP classes.”

           “A lot of us are also in honors classes,” said Raizel Pastoriza, a freshman in Ms.Kings Honors Earth Science class. “Cheerleaders may appear peppy, but we definitely have the brains to memorize a routine,” said Grace Klauer, a sophomore. Not only are a large percentage of cheerleaders in honors or AP classes, but cheerleaders have to memorize anywhere from 30-40 different cheers and routines to perform.

          “Cheer isn’t even a sport” is the most common accusation that many people, unfortunately, believe. A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill. Stunting, such a limbs pyramids and basket tosses all require physical strength and skill. “We can achieve anything,” said Pastoriza.

          Therefore, if cheerleaders can be lifted six feet off the ground by their ankle, risk injuries like concussions and broken bones, and give their full effort for the best performance then cheer is certainly a sport. Blogger Amy Rees said, “athletes lift weights, cheerleaders lift athletes.”