Marshaling in New Members


Matthew Quimby (12), Preston Stumm (12)

Alani Sori, Journalist

The Marshals program started in the 70’s when Western Branch borrowed the idea from Churchland High School. It is one of the highest honors you can receive since it is voted upon by the faculty, but it is not the only factor that is used when selecting marshals.

Reid Long (12), Samantha Boyles, Victoria Hollis (12). Reagan Williams (12

 “Marshals serve as the official ambassadors and hosts for school events,” said Ms. Ambrose.  Ms. Ambrose has been the sponsor of Marshals for two years. She likes seeing students take on challenges that help them grow. She enjoys helping students help others.


Ani Boucher, the President of the Marshals, is a senior. She was a new student when she heard about Marshals at Open House.“I wanted to help others find their way around the school just like when I couldn’t find mine,” said Boucher. Her interest in representing Western Branch is why she joined.

Ani Boucher,12

Ms. Ambrose sees potential in her students. The GPA requirement is 2.8, and students cannot have any honor code violations, or disciplinary infractions.

Megan Criddle (12), Kaitlyn Vera (12)

Ms. Ambrose said, “ninth and tenth grade students are still finding their personality and ways to fit in.” That is why only Juniors and Seniors can apply to be a Marshal. “Juniors and seniors are more experienced,” said Boucher.

Marshals represent our school, help others find their way around, and manage their time wisely. As Ms. Ambrose said, “a Marshal is someone who is always willing to go the extra mile, not afraid to speak up, and always sees what can be done.”