Teacher of the Year


David LeBeauf, Jr.

Mrs. Butler and Dr. Whitley

Mrs. Butler is a great picture of Investment.  Butler is a WBHS alum and full of Bruin Pride. That’s a big part of why she “came home” to teach after teaching at another school in the district for several years.

Butler is a model teacher who annually serves as a mentor to new teachers and has never shied away from having student teachers in her classroom (at least 3 since Mr. Close has known her).  She was a Synergy trainer when the district rolled out Synergy five years ago.  She has been a PLC (Professional Learning Community) leader and has written curriculum over the summer for new courses.

Her investment extends well beyond the walls of WBHS. She specialized in college in Education and specifically teaching music to exceptional learners and has taught private music lessons in the Western Branch community for several years.  In her free time, she seeks to build strategic partnerships with businesses and community organizations within our local communities that will work openly with students with special needs and their families.  This teacher represents WBHS throughout the city and other local cities in connecting those with disabilities to the resources that are available to them.

Mrs. Butler’s biggest Investment comes in the halls and classrooms of our school.  Just go down to the Band room during 4th block one day, and watch the magic that happens as music is turned on for her students.  Just step into room M-01 any day, and you’ll see students learning fundamental life skills, but you will also see instruction that includes high-yield strategies and individualized learning. She opens her room for Mrs. Bunting’s psychology students to come and befriend and mentor her students with special needs, enriching both of their lives.  She writes grants for equipment that will enhance the learning experience and environment for her students.  She coordinates quite a few staff and related staff members in working with her students.  She consistently sets a tone and expectation of professionalism.  And most of all, she just exudes love and patience and grace for all students on a daily basis.