Art on the loose

Mrs. Walter, Art Teacher


Kiarah Bates

Mrs. Walter

Scott White, Journalist

What is the purpose of art? Is it express yourself or simply to create for the world? Mrs Walter, the newest art teacher here at Western Branch, said, “The purpose of art is a way of communicating to leave your mark on the world.”

“Not everyone is good at communicating or good with writing so it’s a good way to express yourself.” Art allows people to show the world by making different.

She has been teaching Art for 20 years and says the best part of teaching is the students. Mrs. Walter takes the time to learn more about her students unlike some teachers. She is always there to lend a helping hand and there for you when you need her.

Walter attended college at Virginia Commonwealth University as well as Old Dominion University. She graduated with a bachelors degree in fine arts.

In her class you have the opportunity to explore the art field in different ways by using many different mediums. The students often use mediums such as paint, clay, oil pastel, pencil, and so much more. Clay, despite being messy, allows you to sculpt anything your mind can think of. From abstract paintings to realistic landscapes painting is always a great choice.

She describes herself as creative, laid back and also kind. If you aren’t lucky enough to have her as a teacher join art club. Art club gives students to make new friends and make art in new fun ways. The art club has meeting every other Wednesday on A all, the last door on your left. In the club you have the opportunity to make different crafts such as string art, decorations for plays to making your own art style. You won’t regret it.