Dance With Your Heart

The Marching Band Majorettes


Imoni Gainey, Journalism

     Flag girls, color guards, majorettes: these are the names given to the people who dance on the stage and in the stands with the marching band. These majorettes are coached by Mackenzy Ballance, a freshman at Tidewater Community College(TCC). 

   “The style isn’t really extra but very formal,” stated freshman Gabby Gunn. Practices are all week except for Fridays and the weekends.

      Tiffany Rivera-Rayes, a freshman stated that she tried out because her older sister did it for three years. The  tryouts for the 20-21 school year are in June. 

      Gunn explained that there isn’t really a limit, you just have to be good. She explained that expereince isn’t necessary and they welcome anyone, no matter their gender. This team is, in fact, a coed sport, but at this time there aren’t any boys on the team.

      “We’ve had three competitions,” said Rivera-Rayes. “There are different uniforms for every event, although they haven’t won a competition this year, they are confident,” said Rivera-Rayes, “we always make our uniforms look good.” 

        Our school rival is either Oscar Smith or Indian River, even when it comes to the majorettes. When they go to competition, these schools challenge them to be their very best.