Treacherous Territory

A look into how others survive high school

Anne King, Journalist

Being thrown into a new environment many freshmen are scared, lost, confused, or all at the same time. Adapting to the new school and the large amounts of students and teachers can definitely be a shock to anyone that has never been in the environment.

“After the first day I kind of got used to it,” said freshman Logan Emler.

Though many people prefer high school to middle school, there are still down sides to it. The main complaint from freshman is that the workload that they receive in the classroom is a lot more than what they were expected to do in middle school.

“In high school you get a lot more freedom,” said Emler.

Many freshmen participate in sports; Kirstin Gould and Logan Emler both play volleyball for the school. Adapting to a new school and participating in sports can be really stressful for someone who has not gotten into the routine of going to practice, going home, and doing homework.

After about four month learning the new routines and adjusting to the workload, Goud finally feels like she has adapted. “Don’t stress it as much,” said Kirsten Gould, “the teachers tend to make it really stressful.”

Anne King
Kirsten Gould
Anne King
Logan Emler

With the number of students at the school rising, many students are shocked at the amount of people. While many students are intimidated by this, some students like meeting new people in their first year of high school.

“Don’t really separate yourself from everyone else,” said Emler, “or you won’t have a good time.”

Now that the first semester is almost over many freshmen have fully adapted to the environment and next year’s freshmen are already thinking about high school. They should take advice from this year’s freshman and not stress themselves out too much.

“Turn your work in on time,” said freshman Stephany Dickerson, “and be yourself.”