Half Way There

The road to getting your driving permit


Anne King, Journalist

Sophomore year is usually the year that many students take the test to get their driving permit. Students have to participate in a driver’s ed class for one semester to  prepare students for the permit test. With all the information accessible on the internet today, many students do not see the benefits of taking the drivers ed class.

“You don’t need to sit in an hour and a half class each day,” said sophomore Matthew Maynigo  when everything we need to know is already on the internet.”

Many students that are on the older end of the spectrum had to get their permit during the summer and never experienced the driver’s ed class.  Instead, they found other ways to study.

“I was in line at the DMV,” said sophomore Ashtyn Barnes, “and I read my packet like three times.”

After students receive their permit, they must practice driving with a licensed adult for at least 45 hours and 15 of them need to be at night. Some students are actually scared to drive but once they practice they get over the fear.

“I’m excited,” said Barnes, “but it’s also a really big responsibility.”

While not all students will pass the permit test, it is no doubt that in order to pass you must study. This is where many people think that driver’s ed comes in handy for those students how do not study, since they are forced to learn the information anyway. It’s actually very common for students to fail on the first try. Maynigo said“I didn’t feel that confident during the test and I thought I was going to fail.”  He did not fail the test and received his permit, proof that since he took the test before he was able to take driver’s ed, that the class is not vital to passing the test.

Both Maynigo and Barnes agreed that students should study for the test and that the online quizzes help a lot.

“Don’t fail,” said Barnes, “ and actually study for your test.”