A man with many hats

Mr. LeBlanc, teacher, writer, producer, adviser


On set, Mr. LeBlanc is producing a documentary. He has done many other documentaries and he writes the films, too. “I am musically inclined,” Leblanc said, “I wrote and produced two music albums.”

Gracen Luallin, Journalist

Roy LeBlanc started working at Western Branch High School only last year. He is a special education teacher and he is the sponsor for Gentleman Achieving and Maintaining Excellence (G.A.M.E). Along with these activities, he does much more outside of school.

If LeBlanc was not a full time teacher, then he would be pursuing his love of directing and producing films full time.

“I would be a full time film producer and author,” LeBlanc said, “I’m passionate about about the process of developing stories that inspire, entertain, educate and motivate.”

Along with his talent in film, he can also communicate through his writing. He has published two books and produced two music albums. LeBlanc stated, “One of the songs I wrote led to an opening performance for a well known R&B group.”

LeBlanc uses his talents in many different ways. From creating a non-profit organization to just helping his viewers.

“Our organization is called Appointed Pictures. Our mission is to produce content that inspires each member of the family,” LeBlanc said. “Every person has value to the communities in which they live, serve, attend school, and play.”

These hobbies and talents also help him in his teaching career and to better him as an educator.

“In order to keep your pulse on the current culture, you must be knowledgeable about what impacts the lives of your students on a daily basis,” LeBlanc said, “as teachers, we can play a vital role in helping students visualize a realistically bright future.”