There and Back Again

Heather Woodard


Ashley Harris, Journalist

Heather Woodard, an English teacher at Western Branch High School, graduated from here in 1997.  

“At the time I lived in Western Branch, and I had a really good experience when I went here,” Woodard said. She thought that it would be good to be back in her alma mater.

“There were a lot of opportunities at Western Branch,” Woodard said, “it helped me to become a more well-rounded person.” 

While attending Western Branch, she participated in various clubs. She also attended several school activities, such as football games and pep rallies. She also met few people who have stayed in her life forever.

“I met my now husband on my first day,” Mrs. Woodard added. They have been together ever since, and now have two children.

“The biggest thing about Western Branch is the sense of community,” Mrs. Woodard said, “and how that whenever something good or bad happens, I feel like they really always come together, and I think it’s just really nice to be apart of, like a Bruin family tree.”