Bruins Got Talent

Adrian Alcozar sang and played the guitar last Friday at the Bruins Got Talent show.

Sydney Boone


At the talent show, Adrian Alcozar, 11, sang and played the guitar. The talent show featured several different acts including singing, guitar, monologues and poetic readings.

Andrianna Scott

Talent Show Playlist

Adrian Alcozar, 11, was in the talent show Friday night  he was singing and playing the guitar. He was well prepared for this talent show. Students that were in the talent show had practice Wednesday and Thursday before the show. “ I’ve been practicing in front of friends and family doing mini concerts,” said Alcozar. 

Alcozar says has family that came to the talent show, along with his friends from different schools. He said he wanted to do the talent show because the genre of music he’s doing isn’t really popular. “Why don’t I go introduce people to math rock a little bit and just introduce them to the genre a little bit more just to get everyone’s minds open and exploring new things,” Alcozar said.

Alcozar said he has performed in front of a crowd playing piano but not specifically on guitar. Alcozar said he is really nervous because he’s never sung in front of a crowd only played instruments. Alcozar says he has been playing the guitar for three years, he’s been performed for eight years, and he’s just started singing. He wants to make this his career.

 “ I’ve been playing with a couple of other friends trying to form a band,” said Alcozar. If it doesn’t take off then it’s going to be more of a hobby. Alcozar said he wants to learn how to sing better and make friends in the industry so he has connections.

Alcozar said if he and his friends make it there going to perform some rap music, but mostly rock. He said the reason he wants to make this his career is because music helps him express the emotions that he can’t really put into words. 

“I feel like when you perform for a crowds you can connect with more people on a level that you can’t just have a conversation,” says Alcozar.