Famous Last Words

The fight to get senior quotes back in the yearbook


In front the 2018-19 yearbook is the first to not contain senior quotes.

Anne King, Journalist

Last year our school made the decision to take senior quotes out of the yearbook for the 2018-19. Seniors would no longer have their parting words recorded in history.

“A lot of schools have gone away from senior quotes,” said yearbook adviser Mrs. Emerson, “because of either the lack of content or the controversy.”

Throughout the years, students looked forward to writing their quote to have something special for their senior year, but some students have put inappropriate or vulgar content as their quote. While there were a few quotes that slipped through the yearbook has been known to give some students second chances to change their quotes to something more appropriate.

“There’s definitely a screening process,” said Mrs. Emerson, “I feel like a lot of kids don’t take it seriously.”

Many students, including myself, feel that just because some students do not take it seriously or use quotes that are not appropriate for a school yearbook, that the quotes should not be taken out for good.

Anne King
Sitting atop the 2018-19 yearbook is the first to not contain senior quotes.

 It was also stated that the school took them out because of the amount of work it places on the yearbook staff but if, like Mrs. Emerson said, many students are not participating it would not be a tremendous amount of work.

While not all quotes have sentimental meanings or are super funny, they are just fun to look through and they will still be cool to look through years from now. So it is understandable why some many students are disappointed by this.

“I’ve been looking forward to this since I was in kindergarten,” said senior Ashley Harris, and I already had it picked out.”