Hey Bae

High School Relationships


Ashley Harris, Journalist

Many believe that your school work should be the most important thing to you while you’re in high school, but sometimes relationships are inevitable. Friendships turn to romances and one look, one touch of the other’s hand, and sparks are flying: relationships are formed. Couples can be seen in the hallway holding hands or sharing a sweet moment before they have to rush to class, but not everyone thinks relationships should be part of the high school experience. 

 “Your school work should be your boyfriend or girlfriend,” Mr. Brown said. Mr. Brown warns that relationships can easily distract students from studying and getting the education they deserve. 

“They’re fun to have, but you gotta have the grades to get one,” Shaniya Bistra said. Bistra believes that others should find a balance between both school and a social life, including relationships.

Finding a balance is hard, but it is good to find a middle ground and be able to have your priorities in order. “Don’t let your relationship stress you out so you don’t worry about school or life,” Imoni Gainey, a freshman, said. 

“They’re not bad, it’s just, don’t let yourself get distracted,” Julie Stephens, a sophomore, said. Stephens encourages others to worry less on relationships and more on your own life. However, it is ok to have a relationship in high school if you have everything else figured out.

“They most likely won’t last,” Alex Kincaid, senior, said. Kincaid does believe, however, that they are fun to have. “You gotta get it all out now,” Nick Douglas, senior, said.