Graduating With Gradtitude

Antonio Howell


Antonio Howell holds a picture of his twin brother after graduation. His brother passed away on May 9th, 2014. “I knew he was smiling down proud of my accomplishments” said Howell.

Gracen Luallin, Journalist

Antonio Howell currently works as a teacher’s assistant at the school. Recently, in December of 2019, he graduated from Norfolk State University and earned his degree for Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in psychology and sociology. 

Mr. Howell’s goal is to become a school counselor one day, and he went to NSU  for a couple of different reasons.

“I chose this college because it was close to home,” said Howell, “I wanted to attend a HBCU. Not only did I graduate from this great school, but I wanted to follow my grandmothers legacy as well.”

At the graduation, he was depicted holding a picture of his twin brother, who passed away in May of 2014.

“My brother passed away May 9th, 2014,” said Howell, “The picture meant a lot to me because he always encouraged me to go back to school and further my education, so after he passed, I enrolled in school to make him proud.”

This effected his graduation because his brother was not able to see him walk across the stage. 

“Graduation was bittersweet for me,” stated Howell, “because he wasn’t there to watch me cross the stage; but I knew he was smiling down and proud of accomplishments.”