Bruin Soundcloud Legends


Christopher Luzunaris, Journalist

Bruins have a variety of different music potential. Soundcloud is a music platform where many people who have untapped potential start making music. Soundcloud reaches about 175 million users on the app monthly.
“It takes hard work and consistency to get somewhere with music if you want that to be your lifestyle,” Christian Williams, 10, said.

Making music takes patience and experience, and as most users already know: you will always get better from further experience. Creators have unique usernames or handles. For instance, Williams is “@yvngxchris” on Soundcloud and Saunders is “@Cartier!”.

“Many people try too hard to rap and fail miserably, and for us, it is just a natural talent,” Oscar Saunders, 10, said.

As for the music on Soundcloud, there is every genre users could think of. If students wish to listen to country, and rap, gospel, heavy metal, or beats, they can find it on Soundcloud. If someone wants to start making music, they can start making and posting any genre of music that they specialize in. If students wanted to try something different, they could become a producer and make beats and post them on the platform.

“It was a little hard, but with work and consistency, I learned how to make my own beats,” Chris Corrum, 11, said.

Making music on SoundCloud and getting a spark from it takes time. Some users start gaining followers right away, while others take much longer to get their music heard.

“Sit back and give us some time to perfect our craft, because, in the near future, you will know our names.” Tommy Cherry (@Tlonexx!), 10, said.