Freshmen Return to School


Laura Emerson

Grace Geddings, 9, works on one of her assignments in English class. Students that are in school are given instruction online, along with time to ask questions in person, and time to work independently.

Ashtyn Barnes, Journalist

Freshmen returned to the building on November 9th, after the school board gave the green light that it was safe to return. Donning masks and following the new policies along with new procedures that were put into place, it wasn’t quite the first day of school experience they were hoping for.

“It was scary but exciting at the same time,” Grace Geddings, 9, said.

Many freshmen were given the same advice as the people before them. This consists of things like “get involved” and “be yourself” but sometimes those cliches actually come in handy.

“I was told to try to get involved in extracurriculars and clubs because it helps you to get to know more people. I think that getting involved will help me meet more people that I don’t know,” Geddings said.

This set of freshmen has a new struggle that classes before they didn’t have to worry about as much. They won’t be getting any of the typical “high school experience” as those who were freshmen before them. Many freshmen were looking forward to that traditional experience and are now worried about what their high school years will look like.

“I feel like, yes, we’ll get some of the experience and no because it’s not going to be like all the fun aspects of high school like prom, homecoming, and all the football games as well as much more,” Geddings said.

Since the freshmen were the first to return to the building and to help them adapt easier to their new setting, they were the first students to get the inside scoop of all the new rules and procedures students and staff must now follow.

“We had to try to stay six feet apart and wear our masks,” Geddings said “Lunch was also super weird with barely anyone there and everyone sitting so far away from one another, you couldn’t talk to anyone unless you wanted to yell for them to hear you,”

Even though being in the building for the first time could be scary, the student Marshals were there to help them get around and answer any questions the new students had. 

Geddings said, “All the students that were Marshals were super nice and extremely helpful.”

Even though having this new set of rules to follow was hard to adjust to and took some time getting used to, all the rules were made with the student’s and staff’s safety in mind.

Geddings said, “Even though some of the rules weren’t easy to get used to and I didn’t like some, they were very smart for the most part, and I understand the reasoning behind them.”