The One Where They Watched Every Episode

Students’ obsession with binge-watching


Erykah Sampson, Journalist

Quarantine has left people all over the world bored at home with not much else to do but watch television.  Not only do these shows and movies provide entertainment in these trying times, but they also sort of keep viewers sane while being stuck in their homes.

Though many new shows have been released during quarantine it is mostly the old shows that are being watched.  People tend to watch shows that they have already seen before for many reasons.  Some just like the way these shows make them feel and just can’t seem to find that feeling in any other shows.  While most of the US was on lockdown there was really nothing to do but stay in their homes with their televisions as their only way to pass time.  What better way to spend that time than watching your favorite shows.

“I think people tend to rewatch shows because they are scared to watch something new and not be interested in it,” Kacy Beale, 12, said, “so they watch what they know they will like.”

TV shows depict real-life characters with real problems that people can relate to.  These shows can inspire viewers and even help them to discover themselves.  Characters in these shows become idols and role models for viewers.  Some people even choose professions based on their favorite show.  They help people to understand that they are not alone and provide a sort of comfort to their fanbases. 

“If I could be a character from any show I would probably be Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy,” Taylor Hudson, 12, said, “because I want to be a doctor and she saves people’s lives.”

Everyone has their favorite TV show that they can watch over and over and never get tired of it.   A show can give you a sort of comfort while watching that you don’t get watching any other show.  These shows may be your favorite simply because of how it makes you feel just to watch it or maybe it’s because of the characters.  No matter what it is that makes that specific show your favorite your reasons are unique to you.

“My favorite show is Criminal Minds because the plots are interesting,” Justyn Johnson, 11, said.

There are many different platforms that are used to watch different shows and movies.  Some of the most popular streaming platforms are Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max.  Many people use these platforms to enjoy some of their favorite shows and even watch some newly released ones.  

“I mostly use Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max to watch my shows,” Quinton Dowell, 11, said.

Everyone has that one show that they can watch over and over and never get tired of it.  It’s that one show that you can watch no matter what mood you are in.  The show that can brighten your day even when you’re in a really bad mood.  You have probably already watched this show a thousand times but it never gets old. 

“My favorite show to binge-watch would probably be Vampire Diaries,” Serenity Bohls, 11, said, “because it is just a really good sit down show.”