Finding Mr. Right or Ms. Right

Anne King, Editor

With coronavirus closing schools and changing the way socializing works, it has been a little bit harder than normal to meet new friends. Our school’s yearbook has found a way to solve this problem.

“We were in class one day and I came up with this idea that what if we were to match people from the school up, to kick off friendships and stuff,” Hayley Anderson, 11, yearbook editor, said. “Mrs. Emerson said that she did something similar when she was in high school.”

The way the fundraiser works is you take a quiz that has about 40 questions you answer about yourself. You can choose if you would like to find friendships or if you want to find potential love interests. You are also able to choose which grades you would like to have as your matches. Once you receive your matches you can then know who you are most compatible with from our school.

“I hope to make money so that we can go to a workshop and so we can buy new camera equipment,” yearbook advisor, Mrs. Emerson, said. “I also hope to see kids connect with one another in this time that we are in.”

In order to participate in this fundraiser, it will cost you only three dollars. When the second semester kicks off your homeroom teacher will give you the link to this quiz, which just happens to be very close to Valentine’s Day.

“I’m excited about it,” Mrs. Emerson said.  “When I did it in my high school, we were always excited to see who we matched with and to see if we knew anybody that we matched with.”