Mr. Hicks Hits the High Note

Western Branch High School welcomes new principal, Quentin Hicks


Erykah Sampson

Mr. Hicks patrols the hallways and visits classrooms during the day to build a positive administrative presence.

Erykah Sampson, Editor

This school year Western Branch High School is welcoming a new principal into our halls.  Principal Quentin Hicks will be embarking on his 26th year as an educator in Chesapeake Public Schools.

“He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  Plus he has a definite connection to the community since he was the former principal at Jolliff Middle School,” Mr. Alexander, freshman assistant principal, said.

Mr. Hicks has lived in Chesapeake most of his life and is a Great Bridge High alumni.  He is very active in the community and is a part of many organizations including the  I. Sherman Greene Chorale, the Chesapeake Civil Chorus, and The Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals.  Music is something that he likes to stay involved in and he hopes to continue interacting with the band, chorus, and orchestra as he has done in the past.

“When I was in eighth grade Mrs. Price, my music teacher at the time, told us that Mr. Hicks was going to sing with us at our winter concert,” Hannah Tuggle, 12, said,  “He came into our class once a week to practice not only leading the chorus in our song, Carol of the Bells, but he even sang bass for us.”

While being a principal at Western Branch High was not a long term goal for Mr. Hicks, he is determined to make relationships with the students along with the faculty he worked with when he was an assistant principal at WBHS.  He is also excited to reconnect with some of his past students from Jolliff Middle School where he was the principal for 7 years before he moved to Hugo Owens Middle school.

“I was asked to do different high schools in the past that I honestly turned down because I enjoyed what I was doing,” Mr. Hicks said. “The only high school that I would have probably considered going to would have been Western Branch High School.

Mr. Hicks has history here in Western Branch.  He served as the principal at Jolliff Middle School which feeds into Western Branch High School.

“My favorite memory of Mr. Hicks would probably be him walking around during lunch and talking to us,” Conor Hutchinson, 12, said.

For his first year as principal Mr. Hicks goal is to get a feel for how things operated pre-Covid along with the systems of high school before slowly making changes.  

“Some things that the students would enjoy, like painting the parking lot, and different things like that,” Mr. Hicks said, “Then we will try to get into more student events, doing things that kind of highlight the students; more announcements, more student celebration and recognition of those kinds of things.”

As a new principal Mr. Hicks wants to build relationships with students and really get to know them.  To the point where the students are comfortable approaching him along with him approaching them.

“I want the students to know that they can come to me.  They can come find me.  I don’t want them to ever say ‘Man, I never see the principal.’  At least hopefully once a day you can spot me somewhere in the halls.  As time goes by students who don’t know me will get to know me,” Mr. Hicks said.

During his time at Western Branch, Mr. Hicks really wants to be a principal that students and staff can come to whenever they need anything.  Though he can be firm when he needs to be, he also wants to celebrate the students when they have achievements whether they be academic or athletic.

“My style has always been centered around students while another focus point is to support my teachers,” Mr. Hicks said. “From a leadership standpoint I am very fair but I am very firm because if you do something that is wrong we are going to fix it, but if you do something that is great we are gonna celebrate it.”