Passing Plays and Reversing Roles

The Annual Powderpuff Game Between the Juniors and Seniors


Amya Bouldin, Journalist

 In a game where tackling is illegal that didn’t stop Gabby Gunn from taking down Analise Downey in the 2nd quarter. Gunn grabbed Downey by her jersey and dragged her down. 

The powderpuff game is a seniors and juniors showcase where the girls play flag football and the boys are cheerleaders. Students had a sign up in advance, commit to practice after school, and play in the game on 

 “I had an amazing time and I encouraged the underclassmen to participate when they are juniors and seniors too.” Autumn Bowers said (12)

The seniors and juniors had many practices so they could learn their plays and build team spirit.

“Some plays we did were sweep left, sweep right,” Genesis Stevens, 12, said. “The play consisted of when the quarterback got the ball in their hands everyone on left or right depending on which side you were on protected them meaning they followed the quarterback.” 

While the girls were able to get in a couple of practices before the game, the football coach did not allow the boys to miss his practice and the players failed to get permission beforehand.

“They didn’t show up to any practices,” Ms.Hundley said. 

The cheerleaders finally got permission to participate on the day of the event. They left practice early and showed up in neon tutus to match the theme for homecoming “let’s glow crazy”.

“It was lit, it was a one-time experience to get to cheer in the spotlight,” Tyler Morris, 12, said. “Cheerleaders get all the attention.” 

The cheerleaders did flips and showed off their dance moves. Halftime had weird tricks, cartwheels, and backbends. The boys did a soul train line and they all did their own little thing.

“They mostly did TikTok dances like TikTok mashups and they were in a circle taking turns dancing and doing flips,” Ransom, 12, said.

 The girls were fast and when they weren’t on the field, they were on the sidelines cheering their teammates on. 

“On the junior side it was Morgan Williams had the best gameplay and on the senior side was Qween Edmonds and also Tamia Tucker had the best gameplay because they put their all on the field not saying everyone else didn’t but I just think they all put their best into the plays,” Stevens, 12, said.

 This non-tackling game had plenty of tackling and lots of foul play.

“My teammate had got tackled by Qween Edmonds which would have been a 15-yard penalty and they were at the 10-yard line which means it would’ve been an automatic touchdown,” Morgan Williams, 11, said. 

The calls in this game were very controversial. Players and coaches argued with the referee, Coach Wright, after several plays.

“It was a great experience, the crowd was into it, the girls were doing great on both sides, I was proud of the juniors, they fought hard … they did great now the seniors we got to practice or something they were making plays but it wasn’t the plays to bring home that W,” Desmond Cook, 12, said. “Even though they got cheated in their last play of the game it was still a great experience.”