No Pressure…

Do kids feel pressured to go to college…..?


Amya Bouldin, Journalist

Not all students want to go to college but some feel pressured, either their parents want them to go or they feel like that’s the only option.

“No, I do not feel pressured to go to college because college is not what I’m going to be focused on after I graduate, it’s just not something I want to do,” Tyleake Wright, 12, said.

Going to college is not necessary, but most kids feel like it is and their parents and role models in their lives are not giving them more options or not explaining that there is way more to do in life than going to college.

“Yes, I do believe there are other options which are going into the military or owning a business,” De’Layjah Thornton, 12, said.

Young people either fail to receive the correct information on the routes available to them or are presented with so much that it can become overwhelming.

“Yes, I do want to go to college because I feel like I need to further my education for what I’m majoring in life,” Jayda Ransom, 12, said. “I want to be a writer for a minor but I want to major in human resources.”

If you don’t wish to pursue college, there is a multitude of other options. There is so much emphasis put on college, that some don’t even realize that there are other routes towards success other than receiving that degree.

“I most definitely do think it’s ok not to go to college because there are totally different options you can go for and college is a little bit overrated in my opinion and no one should be shamed if they don’t go to college,” Kaitlin Davenport, 12, said.

The pressure to go to college does stem from the fact that you are statistically going to make more money.

“I feel like it’s going to make me less money because of all the money I put towards it but I think the outcome will definitely be worth it,” Memphis Griffin, 12, said.

Jobs require high levels of education for their employees, therefore, if children do not get degrees or professional certificates, it may be difficult to get a good job. Parents may start to pressure their children to get success in the future.

“No, I don’t feel think jobs should make people have degrees or professional certificates, but it all depends on the job you would like also,” De’Layjah Thornton, 12, said.

According to SWNS digital, “Nearly half of the sixth form and college students feel ‘pressure’ to go to university. Research polling 189 youngsters in further education found just shy of two-fifths would even feel like a ‘failure’ if they didn’t progress to uni to study. A third don’t feel they have a choice on whether they progress to higher education if they want to be deemed successful. More than a third don’t think their parents would be completely supportive if they were to choose an apprenticeship over university studies.”

“I do feel like my parents would be supportive if I don’t go to college because my two older brothers didn’t go to college,” Davenport said. “They went into the military and I don’t really want to go to the military, but there are other fields I can go into if I don’t want to go to college they wouldn’t force me to.” 

Overall, college is important to some because it provides invaluable experiences, you can gain important, life-long connections, and you can get further in your career and make a high income with most degrees but it’s not necessary.

“Unless you are wanting to just pursue higher education, college is not important.  There are so many other roads that can be taken instead of attending college: trade schools, joining the military, and becoming an entrepreneur.  With these options, you can gain on-the-job experience as well as take courses/training in specific fields, which can possibly make you more money and give you less debt than if you would attend college,” Tiffany Chanel said.