Humans of Western Branch: Fears of Failure


Cassidy Andersen, Journalist

“My biggest regret with German was fear of failure. My lack of confidence in my own abilities allowed me to talk myself out of a lot of opportunities to improve, the fear of sounding like an idiot. You’re gonna make mistakes, it’s better to make the mistakes so you can learn, rather than withhold from opportunities. We had an Austrian exchange student and she did weekly table talks, and I’d never go because I thought she would know I was an imposter. She’s gonna know I suck, I cheated myself out of a lot of opportunities, “ Robert Hartzog, German teacher, said. “I absolutely think students do it too. I would rather have students be too comfortable and be distracted than have students who are too uncomfortable to use the content in the class. It gives room for me to be taken advantage of, it’s annoying but it’s a built-in frustration, it’s a planned side effect.”