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Erykah Sampson, Editor

On November 19, 2021, Adele released her new album 30. The album will mark her return to the music world after her last album, 25, which came out back in 2015.

“I started listening to Adele in the 6th grade because I just really liked the way her voice sounds,” Kyla Wilson, 11, said. “I like the way her music resonates with me.”

Fans have been waiting six years for this album. Adele’s music has always told a story but this album was inspired by her separation and subsequent divorce from Simon Konecki back in March of 2021.

“The song I relate to the most from the 30 album is probably ‘My Little Love’,” Jazz Bethea, 9, said. “When she says that she is ‘holding on barely’ it makes me think of when you’re going through hard times, just holding on barely until you don’t want to hold on anymore.”

With this new album, Adele really talks about her emotions and her fans get to see a different side to her. Along with an insight into what she has been going through since her last album, 25, came out.

“My favorite song would probably be ‘Hello’ from the 25 album,” Ashley Thompson, 10, said, “it was the first song of hers that I listened to and I just really connected to it.”

The new album really focuses on telling her story which is not something that was not really included in her previous albums. She even goes as far as to include voice recordings such as a touching conversation she had with her son about her feelings along with an emotional recording of her own voice where she shows a very vulnerable side to the fans and speaks on the loneliness she is feeling after the separation from her now ex-husband.

“With ‘My Little Love’ I liked how she had the contrast with the voice demos of the conversation with her son and the one where she is just crying,” Bethea, 9, said. “She talks about how she feels alone after the divorce even though she enjoys being by herself.”

Adele’s music tends to reflect her life and her experience which is why so many of her fans can relate to it.

“Adele kind of has a song for everything and listening to her music when I am feeling down helps me feel more empowered,” Kyla Wilson, 11, said.

Adele spoke to Spotify prior to her album release in order to have control of how her story was told. She requested that the shuffle option be removed from the album so that the songs were listened to in the order she intended. According to Rolling Stone, Adele tweeted on November 21, “This was the only request I had in our ever-changing industry! We don’t create albums with so much care and thought into our tracklisting for no reason. Our art tells a story and our stories should be listened to as we intended. Thank you, Spotify for listening 🍷♥️.”

“I feel like she told her divorce story so well through the songs and if you listen to it in order like she envisioned,” Wilson said. “You can definitely get a feel for what she was going through.”