Humans of Western Branch: Fresh Face, Fresh Lessons


Erykah Sampson

Meaghan Alberson, 9th grade English teacher

Erykah Sampson, Editor

“My biggest struggle right now is kids just not investing in themselves and it just breaks my heart, you know, that my biggest struggle is trying to motivate kids. I teach 9th grade so there are a lot of kids coming in with struggles from the past two years with Covid but trying to get them to care about their learning and making them motivated to understand that this is important for the future is my main goal,” Mrs. Meaghan Alberson, first-year 9th grade English teacher, said. “I’ve been trying to create lessons that are engaging, trying to switch it up so that your not just taking quizzes every day that it is more so project-based learning or discussion based but if kids dont do the back work to lead to that discussion then it can be kind of challenging so I am trying to be creative.”