Caution: Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear 

April 1

Anonymous , Writer

It’s weird

Waking up from unconsciousness.

It’s just like blinking.


I blinked,

Suddenly I’m here.

Drowning in questions.

Where am I? 

Who am I?

What happened?

When did I get here?

Why am I here?

How did I get here?


“You’re a f****** idiot!”

“You’re not good enough!”

“I wish…”


I cut off her speech.

My headphones play,

It’s the symphonized rendition of Eleanor Rigby.


I turned the volume all the way up,

Even though it makes me grip my phone tightly.

Both options are painful.


I watch the rain droplets

Race each other down my window

As she speeds down the road.


I quickly glance at the speed.

86 mph

The road is wet.

The droplet on the right won.

The water flying off the road

Reaches the top of my window.


The people we pass, 

Their faces,

Are fearful.


Cars move over.

I glance at the mirror.

There’s a red car.


I wonder how close the car behind us is.

Only half of it’s front end 

Is visible in the mirror.


I check the speed again.

90 mph.

She’s still yelling.


I slump over, 

Lean on the door, 

Leave my body.


I’m called back suddenly

When the car feels…

Feels like it’s floating.


We’re drifting into the right lane.

She jerks the steering wheel,

To the left.


I remember the car behind us, 

Just for a moment before…


Tires Screeching

Cars Slamming

Metal Crunching

Scraping Pavement 


Time stops. 

My vision is bright.

I hear yelling.


Am I upside down?


“We’re fine!”



Who said that? 

I see no one.

My ears ring.


What’s that?


She’s walking away,

Without me?


Am I upside down? 

Where’s the buckle?

Is that gasoline?


I unbuckle the seat belt,

Fall to the roof,

Time skips.


My vision pulses.

There’s glass in my hands,

My knees.


I can’t move my leg. 

I can’t feel my foot.

I can’t breath.



No one hears.

Try again.



You’re not loud enough, stupid.




I can’t see.

I hear running?


Time skips.

I open my eyes.

There is a man.



I try to fight him off.

“I’m here to help!”


I see his badge.

I try to stand but can’t.

I fall back down, my head hurts.


Time skips.

I’m, in the grass?

It’s wet.


I hear sirens.

I see colors.

There’s someone talking to me.


I can’t hear words. 

I can’t see faces.

I don’t know what’s happening.


Time skips.

I see silver.

My arm is stuck.


It’s too bright to see.

My lungs are screaming.

The beeping is loud.


I hear sirens.

There’s something on my face.

I blink


I’m here.

“What happened?”

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.