April 8

Kaitlin Davenport, writer


That’s all they really are. 

Boil it down,

Drip by drip,

Drop by drop. 

But there’s this sense of comfort,

a sense that I can’t describe well. 

As if I’m not alone in this world,

Millions facing their painful lives day by day,

The feeling of suffering is so overwhelmingly common. 

I love the rain,

for many reasons,

they may just be droplets, 

but they’re mine,

and everyone else’s. 

Representing the pain shared among every soul, 

is the rain. 

A reminder of how connected we are. 

As if it’s there for us to feel peace and tranquillity. 

In a sense, 

I feel the rain loves me. 

Expressing my sadness in a way only it can, 

sending me a sign it’s there for me in my darkest experiences. 


it’s just droplets,