Our Unique Bucket Lists

Bucket Lists of Western Branch


Memphis Griffin

A student’s bucket list.

Memphis Griffin, Journalist

Bucket Lists have been out for a long time. Not everyone has a bucket list some people do. People have bucket lists to do things that they want to accomplish in the future.

According to the History of the Bucket List the definition of a bucket list is, “To kick the bucket (“to die”) + list, hence a “list of things to do before you die.” The phrase “To kick the bucket,” has been out since the 18th century. While some people create bucket list when they are close to death, lately there has been a trend in creating short-term bucket lists for different occasions (summer bucket lists, travel bucket lists, 20 before 20 bucket lists, etc.)

“I feel like they’re cool to have, and something to look forward to, and strive to complete, or dream about,” Lauren Edmondson, 12, said. 

Bucket Lists are similar to goal setting for some people. While sometimes goals are more formal, bucket lists are more informal ways to make plans. A bucket list is more of an impulse decision, and there’s not always a time frame, while a goal is something that you are actively working towards to achieve on a day to day basis, and usually has a time frame.

“I want to play field hockey at ODU and to work my way up, and to also get a degree in health and physical education,” Josi John, 12, said. 

Goals have been with us for a longer time, while bucket lists are more of a casual thing. 

“I’ve probably had it since I was ten years old, and have thought about playing field hockey at ODU, and getting my degree in health and physical education,” John said.

Bucket lists can help others to step out of their comfort zones. It can be unattainable, but fun to dream up.

“I have things on my bucket list that I want to experience: I want to go bowling in the white house, I want Gordon Ramsey to cook me a meal, and I want to meet the Crazy Rich Asians cast,” Edmondson said.

Bucket Lists can help you experience new things or travel to new places.

“I would love to travel to all of the Continents, I don’t know if I would make it to Antarctica, but I will definitely try,” Molly Gimber, English Teacher, said.

Friends or family can inspire us to make a bucket list, that can involve traveling or trying new food.

 “I would love to travel to at least ten countries, I also would love to donate to multiple charities, and something more personal on my bucket list would be to go out of my comfort zone,” Aireal Delacruz, 12, said.