Gilded Glamor at Western Branch


Entertainment Universe Official posted several times about the Met Gala and the looks that really stood out. Here, they revisit the most “headturning” look of the night, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.


Grace Klauer, Journalist

Hundreds of thousands of people globally sit in anticipation of the annual Met Gala. The costumes, controversies, and charm. The Met Gala seems to have a certain glamor that captivates the population. However, does it captivate Western Branch High School? 

Firstly, what is the Met Gala and does Western Branch know what it is? According to the Australian news and entertainment website, MamaMia, the annual event marks the opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit along with being a fundraiser. 

“The Met Gala’s purpose is to fund charities and promote the metropolitan museum of art,” said Madi Straley, 12.

It appears that the main complaint among students of Western Branch was that the attendants did not adhere to the theme of Gilded Glamor. 

“The theme was so simple, so why did people jump outside the box?” said Kiarah Bates, 12.

Other students had opinions concerning the costumes of the attendees.

“I loved Regina King’s look. She incorporated the theme into her dress very well,” said Zayla Eley, 12. 

While certain celebrities had remarkable outfits, one student, Jimmy Metz, 12, wanted more from the event.

“It wasn’t cute. Obviously some dresses were cute like Blake Lively’s, that one was really cool and the details were awesome, but I want everyone to slay, not just a couple people,” said Jimmy Metz, 10.

Some students had ideas of their own for the Met Gala, were they to host one themselves. 

“I wouldn’t know what to call it but I think it would be cool if the theme would be like the rich people in the Hunger Games,” said Zayla Eley, 12.

Metz had a more fantastical view of the theme. 

“My theme would be fantasy. Very broad topic, they kind of touched on it in the past, I would love to see fairies, dragons, aliens, and weird stuff,” said Jimmy Metz, 10.

At this year’s Met Gala, Kim Kardashian made the controversial decision to wear Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, worn by her when she notoriously sang “Happy Birthday” to late President John. F Kennedy. 

“I honestly think it’s great that someone got to wear her dress to the Met Gala,” said Madi Straley, 12, “It gets to relive its’ glory but I do not think that Kim Kardashian should have been the one to wear it.”

Eley believes that the Kardashian had an ulterior motive for wearing the dress.

“Kim didn’t follow the theme, I think she wore it because she knew how people would react,” said Zayla Eley, 12. 

In all, it seems as though Western Branch is disappointed with the outcome of this year’s Met Gala. 

“This year’s outfits were experimental. I didn’t really like them, I felt like they were kind of forgettable. The last two Met Galas were so good, I loved them, but they’re down-grading. Bring back the good outfits.” said Jimmy Metz, 10.