Painting Pictures


Kaitlin Davenport

Kayhlynn Dickey, Journalist

“Art has impacted my life in far more crazy ways than I expected. When I first started art, I was in elementary school and got many compliments on my work because I was quite talented at replicating fictional characters, and I continued to draw throughout middle school, but I slowly dropped it when I felt discouraged because of how good everyone else in my classes were. It was only until sophomore year I gave it another go because I needed some credits, and I got back into it then,” Kaitlin Davenport, 11, said. “Now, I enjoy it a lot and sometimes I’ll feel a little uneasy when looking at my work compared to other masterpieces in my classes, but practicing art is worth all the downfalls you may have. No matter what, creating art that someone might relate to is one of the best feelings an artist can have.”