Sporting Stress


Gracen Luallin, Journalist

During the academic school year, student athletes are under a lot of stress to complete all their school work and still play in sports. Students are expected to go to four or five classes a day, go to extracurricular activities after school, get home and eat, do all of their homework, then get a full eight hours of sleep. Many student athletes say it is just not possible. 

“I play varsity field hockey,” said sophomore Caroline Rhem, “after games, I usually get home at 8:00 and still have to eat, shower, and do all of my homework.”

Photo taken by David G. Lebeauf Jr.


School work can be very stressful and sometimes it can carry over to games and after school practices.

“Trying to do homework while you’re at a game can be really hard to concentrate,” said senior Preston Stumm, “everyone is talking and everyone is telling me to ‘get excited for the game’ so a lot of the time I save it until I get home.”

It is not just about how hard school is, either. Some of the homework is easy, but the amount is very excessive.

“Being in three AP classes, I have about three hours of homework,” Stumm said, “I sometimes have to stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning just trying to finish.”

Staying up that late can be too much, so on the occasion, students do not have time or are too tired to finish their homework.

“Having four hours of homework is very hard to finish at a decent hour,” states sophomore Sydney Mehailescu, “I usually don’t finish my homework because I get home and I’m tired and sometimes I fall asleep.”

Even with all this stress, athletes still find a way to manage and have a social life. Having free time is essential to detox. 

“I don’t usually get overwhelmed,” explained junior Logan Angelillo, “I like to listen to music and work out to help.”