As You Like It


Sydney Boone, Journalist

Ms. Old runs a small testing lab on J hall. She came to Western Branch in 2008; this is her 29th year as a teacher’s assistant. Her birthday is May 5th, 1947, making her 72 years old.

She attended college at James Madison University and Old Dominion University. At first, she spent most of her time teaching at elementary schools, but she prefers teaching high school. When she is not doing her job in school, Ms. Old enjoys spending time with her children and her grandchildren. She has one boy and one girl; Melanie and Chris.

Ms. Old went to Japan this summer with her children and her grandchildren. She adores Japan so much because of the atmosphere and the people. Her face lit up when she was talking about her trip. She also enjoys listening to music; Gospel and Rock and Roll are her favorite genres.

Next time you are on J hall stop by her classroom and introduce yourself, you will not regret it.

Mrs. Old’s lives by the bible verse John 3:16 and her favorite literary quote is: “All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players”(Source: Shakespeare “As You Like It”).