Wanna Hear My Mixtape

source: tumblr

source: tumblr

Kiarah L Bates

Online Radio and streamable music apps have grown over the past decade; in 2014, Apple and Spotify rose in statistics, while on-demand streaming increased 54%. 

“I use Spotify and SoundCloud. They aren’t better than apple, but I listen to them because I don’t have an Iphone,” Senior Zion Johnson said. 

 In 2007, SoundCloud was launched, though it was mostly used by DJs who posted hour long sets (source: The Dowsers). However, it started to pick up around 2010 when it was being broadcasted as a way to easily upload music by The Rolling Stones, the New York Times, Complex, and etc. 

“Tidal and SoundCloud: I use them because they have a little more music,” Jadien Bailey said.

Many known rappers like Bryson Tiller, Kehali, and Chance the Rapper were known for posting some of their mixtapes on the website. After being put into the spotlight, an influx of beginner artists started to appear on the map.  

Musical Meaning

 SoundCloud Rap has become a new genre for upcoming artists that share many musical interests. Since it is such an easy way to access and produce music, many teens from the younger generation are using it to open up a pathway to a musical career. Freshman, Sutton Kelly, a Soundcloud artist who goes by the name “Lil Loat”, has been using the app since this summer. “I started Soundcloud because I like to tell stories. I used to write a bunch of stories and everything and I just didn’t have  the time and effort to write them all down,” Sutton stated, “however, with music I can do all that and make great songs out of it.”

After high school, Sutton strives to go to college and study music.  “I feel like some of the top artists, they don’t try because they are already famous. They don’t need to try as hard,” Sutton said, “everyone today, all they think about is: does it sound good? Is the beat cool? Is it auto-tuned? Is he singing? They don’t listen to the lyrics; they don’t care about it, all they care about is the sound.”  

It seems that both older and younger generations seem to agree with Sutton, that music has lost its meaning.  Victor Brown, who is known as Mr. Brown, patrols the hallways and makes sure no one has their hood on. 

“It ain’t no good music, I like the old music back in the 70s,” Mr. Brown said, “I talked to someone last night and I said that’s why it’s so much killing because people aren’t talking about love no more.” 

 When Soundcloud and Youtube started to become popular, many young generations joined in on the trend. While others see it as a  joke, some are seeing it as a possible career choice. However, some of the older generation does not see it that way. Many of them believe that a rapper or artist is not a real career choice and therefore, don’t take it seriously. 

“Most of the older generation think rap is bad because it’s all just a bunch of cuss words,” Sutton stated, “it makes me feel like some people are more uneducated than others, but I don’t get angry or anything.” 

 Junior, Harry Myers, who goes by BJ,  is a newer artist forging his path; he plans on pursuing rap as a future career.“I feel like its really stereotypical cause I feel like every older generation feels the same about the younger generation,” BJ said, “it’s just the continuous cycle, it will always feel that way.” He said he feels uncomfortable and gets a little irritated when the older generation talks about the younger gen. “It’s just like, not everybody is the same, and you [are] just taking from different experiences and just making it seem like the whole generation is bad,” BJ said, “everybody has they own character.”

Mr. Brown had a different point of view, stating, “you know, they mean well, they [are] smarter, but a little weaker.”

 “When you [are] young you do childish things, but when you get older you put away childish things,” Brown said, “so when they get a little older, they will get a little wiser.” 

BJ feels like he is ready and mature enough to put his music out there. “Meaning won’t really be a meaning, it would be more of a story, well meaning is like…..don’t quit, you feel me,” BJ stated, “when I write my music I make sure to tell a story behind it.”

BJ wants to bring light to different topics that affected him and others through his songs. “I don’t like just rapping about girls and all that. Every song I make has a story, it’s going to tell you from where I been and where I came from,” BJ said, “so, the story behind that and the meaning would be ‘never stop chasing your dream, always keep going.’”