The Bruin Harmony


Alani Sori, Orchestra

Orchestra is a group of instrumentalists combining to play different genres of music. Two young ladies, who participated in orchestra for over four years, are currently members of the String Orchestra. 

Hailey Spear, a freshman, has been taking orchestra for five years. She was only in fourth grade when she started playing. She plays the violin with our orchestra teacher, Mr. Glasco. 

 “My parents forced me to play an instrument,” Spear said, “but I’ve had a passion for it ever since.” 

Holden McCormick, a sophomore, has been been playing the violin for five years. His passion for music and desire for learning an instrument is what got him into taking orchestra. Holden says, “I wish we could play in front of the teacher instead of the whole class,” said McCormick.

Katherine Foley, a fifteen year old sophomore, has been taking orchestra for five years also. Kathrine has been playing the cello since before middle school. 

If Kathrine could change anything about orchestra, it would be to go on more trips. 

They have a concert coming up in October and they are looking forward to a great year.