The Roots of Bruin Nation


source: WBHS 2001 Yearbook

Ashley Harris

Michael Davis, who is legally blind, graduated from Western Branch High school back in 2002. Michael is a very hardworking individual who, in some ways, helped shape the way the school works with special needs kids in honors classes.

Michael Davis, after high school, stated that he received “an accounting degree from the University of Richmond.” He is currently working on his masters degree in business at William and Mary. “I also worked for the military, writing contracts, for pretty close to 10 years now,” Michael stated.

He has also been married to his wife, Reneka Davis, for seven years, as of November, stating, “I can’t believe it’s been that long.”

In Michael’s spare time, he also enjoys running. “I’ve been running with team Hoyt and Ainsley’s Angels for about ten years,” Michael said. He also stated that he has run, “16 full marathons, four Boston Marathons, and pushed Ashton McCormick last year.”

Ashton McCormick is currently a student at Western Branch High School. McCormick is also a racer with Ansley’s Angles. Michael Davis, however, has done a lot more than just run races and graduate from college. He also has traveled to many different countries.

“I’ve been to Germany, France, and Austria,” Michael said. However, Michael very much enjoyed going to Germany. Michael said, “William and Mary is having an emerging trip in March,” Michael said, “and since [then] I have found out the location; they are going to Germany and Paris.” When Michael found out about this, he jumped on the opportunity to go.

Michael also said that the biggest thing that has changed since he attended Western Branch is the new buildings. Michael stated that the school now has an upstairs, which it did not have before.

He mentioned that while he was in high school, he was taking honors classes. Michael said, “I wanted a laptop and my teachers also wanted me to have a laptop, because they couldn’t read my handwriting.”

Although Michael requested a laptop to make taking his classes easier, Michael was denied. Michael said, “the school sent me a letter saying that I had to drop my grades in order to receive a laptop.” Eventually, there was a meeting on Michael’s need for the laptop, and it was finally granted.

“This kid came up to me and hugged me and pulled me and my mom over to meet his parents,” Michael stated, because Micheal had received a laptop, the boy’s school allowed the him to also receive a laptop. He wanted to thank Michael for fighting to receive the laptop.