Sticking to The Game


Julie Stephens, Journalist

Sitting at 7-2, the Varsity Field Hockey team is off to a running start. Led by Captain Raegan Williams, the team is working towards another successful season. Field hockey is a sport where 10 players and one goalie per team, attempt to score by pushing a ball into the goal with a stick.

Senior, Raegan Williams, thinks being captain is really fun and she gets a lot of trust and responsibility, even though she has only been captain for just this season.

“It’s really fun,” said Williams, “I get more responsibility with my teammates, we had one practice and coach wasn’t there, and she kept me in charge of keeping everyone together and keeping everyone straight and going through our whole practice because she left me the instructions and I don’t know.  It felt good.”

Being captain comes with its positives and negatives. Not every player wants to listen to their peers.

 “It was kinda stressful because you know because everyone’s like, ‘Oh you know we can slack off a little bit, it’s just Raegan,’ and I was like, ‘No, guys we still have to do good because people are watching us and we need to do good for our own selves.’”

Williams thinks her teammates are supportive and help her when she can’t achieve things.  

“They come up with a plan on how to play the game and encourage each other,” Williams said. 

Senior, Angela Britt, also think her teammates are supportive of each other.  They help each other achieve goals that they can not reach on their own.

“Well, if I’m nervous for a game or something like that, the way they help me is that they just compliment me, and like hype my head up and make me feel good and just tell me to play their game and vice versa, I do the same for them,” Britt said, “One girl has confidence issues and I’m like you’re amazing like your passes are good and your hits are good, just don’t worry about it, everything’s cool.”

 Britt also loves having Raegan as a captain and thinks she has been doing a great job so far.

“She’s great. Not gonna lie there’s a little jealousy there. When she was made captain I was like, ‘Ugh,’ but afterwards she’s actually really cool,” said Britt, “she’s good at coaching, but she’s not over the top, like ya know it hasn’t changed her. Like ya know when a captain becomes captain they’re like, ‘I’m gonna be the boss of you,’ that’s not her. She’s still the same person.”

If you ever want to join the field hockey in the future, Britt has some advice for you:

“It is not as hard as it seems, and you don’t have to have any experience, we’re just a learning team. You can be the worst and we will make you the best. It’s not the easiest, we run, but overall it’s amazing,” Britt said, “there’s never any problems on the team, we’re all together as one, we work together, and it’s really fun. It’s worth it.”